Weekly Reflections: 2016-00



(1) My last run in 2015 was a pace run in the forest, 12km at 5:34 pace. It completed my annual mileage goal of 2015km in 2015! It was pretty cold, with some snow on the trail, a lot less runners than usual. But I encountered two deer. They have no interest on me, just hurried into the woods. I wonder how they keep out the cold in the night? Do they have enough food?

(2) With the great satisfaction of the perfect realization of the annual running goal, I took 3 days off running. In the last three months I ran the highest monthly mileages ever, almost all in the 250km or more. Fortunately, most of them were low heart rate jogging, I had no injuries. I also kept away from any kind of cold. Although the weather is not really good, but it’s been never too terrible to go out for a run. In short, I have been very lucky to be bale to take so intensive training. Now it’s the New Year, yesterday I kicked off my first run in the forest, a 10km pace run averaged in 5:38. It was chilly and the temperature was below zero, scattered snow was falling, the air was fresh cold. It was a joy and cool run! Quite many people were running on the same path. While I ran, I was wondering how many of them were running for a new year resolution, and how many were regular runners?

(3) In the New Year’s Eve, we came downtown to watch the fireworks. There were already a lot of people on the bus, all were going to see the fireworks! When we got off at Nordstan, the street was so crowded. We followed the flow and walked to the opera house located at the harbor. A few minutes later,  fireworks began to bloom in the dark sky. Although it was very cold, fireworks brought joy to all the people. Life is full of ups and downs, but the new year always brings new hope. It is not about nationalities or religions. It is probably one of the most fundamental characters of human beings. Fireworks lasted about ten minutes with a spectacular end. The crowd gradually moved to different places to celebrate the very special night.


(4) I made 3 New Year’s running goals: 2016km mileage, a 90km ultra-marathon and a sub-3:50 marathon! Race plans include: February 28 British Brighton half marathon, May 21 Göteborsvarvet, , Stockholm Marathon June 4, July 16 Iceland Laugavegur Ultra marathon 55km (TBD), August 20 Vasa Ultra 90km, October 30 in Frankfurt Marathon (to be confirmed).

(5) today is the last day of the Christmas holidays. Though I am sad to take out the Christmas tree, we sawed the branches, thrown it into the trash. This is our first time in Europe for Christmas, I did buy the real Christmas tree. Even without decoration, it was very beautiful already. Every night we lit the lights, chatting, watching TV,  drinking tea or glögg under the tree. It gives us a special warmth and happiness. More than two weeks since we had it, it was still very healthy and good-looking. But we anyhow needs to say goodbye to it, today is it! I will start to work tomorrow, and kick off new routines. I hope to achieve even better in 2016, then celebrate again in the next Christmas holiday. Goodbye, my tree!


1/3/2016  Göteborg